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COURTS   OF    PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                153

rather put off) fancy dresses, which are un peu trop
fort. The horrid length of naked arms above the
elbow starves one to look at. Their waists are
not too short, like our fashionables in England.
Wine of the first quality is now almost as cheap
as the commonest sorts, by reason of the stagna-
tion of commerce.

I have left my name at the Marquis del
Campo's (the Spanish minister), with a polite
note, but have not heard of him since. He is so
great a courtier that here he signs "Campo, tout
court.9' If he goes anywhere else, where democracy
is still more exalted, he will, of course, sink lower,
and call himself—" Po ! "

The saints are gradually regaining possession
of their posts in the titles of streets. Honest men,
and men of parts and education, are by degrees
rising to their natural level and regaining their
proper ascendancy over the unlettered, strong,
ferocious animals. Mankind, by the superiority of
mind and pliability of its organs, has subdued
every other animal; and, by the same irresistible
force, wisdom^ virtue, learning and skill must over-
come the savage part of mankind in a short time.
The latter have no chance of maintaining the
superiority which bodily strength and numbers
give them, but by a total destruction and annihi-